Hi [FIRST NAME GOES HERE]- Meet the millionaire shipped in a rum barrel and the most dangerous woman in America. Tall tales? No. That’s Chicago.

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Hello Reader,

I know you like Chicago; do you also like its history? The city was built on swampland and grit by characters wild enough to fill your Netflix queue.

Want to meet the most dangerous woman in America? The man shipped home in a rum barrel? What about the woman who saved vaudeville?

Why was a park built on dead bodies? Why'd they put a library in a water tank? Discover how these early Chicagoans made land out of sand and why they lifted entire buildings--with people still in them.

Living Landmarks of Chicago tells all these stories and more. And guess what! It's available for download direct from the author (that's me), and as a subscriber, you automatically save 20%.

In minutes, you could be reading about Marshall Field literally jumping on a moving train to propose to his first wife, the bear that chased a cop up a tree, and the patrolman egged by apes.

One reviewer said Living Landmarks of Chicago "should be available in every living landmark, at every city hotel...It should be required reading for city administrators, high school history classes, and tourism bureaus. Brilliant book."

Another said "Goodrich...is first and foremost a storyteller, and her style combines a quirky sense of humor with a historian's thirst for facts. Rather than being a dull "and then, and then, and then" kind of history book, this one reads like an adventure tale. After the first few pages, you will find yourself fascinated and wanting to read more."

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Happy reading!

Theresa L. Goodrich