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Hi Reader!

What an afternoon! I had the privilege of speaking to patrons of Wilmette Public Library, a suburb north of Chicago. We did a virtual tour of five of my favorite national parks. So fun!

Now I'm home resting my voice because tomorrow I'm speaking to the Schaumburg/Hoffman Estates Rotary Club about the history of the Irish in Chicago. Erin go Bragh!

(I can say that, because about a year ago I discovered by grandfather x 8 was born in Dublin. He immigrated to what would become North Carolina in the 1700s. Fun fact: four of those eight grandads were named John Carter. I doubt any of them made it to Mars, though.)


With today's chat in mind, I've been on a National Parks kick. Yesterday I published a piece on tips for visiting the parks and included a list by state. I also created a printable bucket list. You can download yours here: National Park Checklist (1).pdf.

I'm planning to create checklists for National Forests, Monuments, and Historic Sites, too, over the next few weeks. Let me know what you think!

Over the weekend, if not tomorrow, I'm publishing a piece on the Best National Parks. This is another collaboration with fellow travel writers, and I'm excited to share their favorites, as well as my own.

OH - and if you're not on my fiction list, I had some big news earlier this week. I typed THE END! Revenge in the Rockies is off to my editors and will be out next week!

If you get the e-book, it'll be in your hot little hands next Wednesday. Paperbacks will be shipped the first week of April. If you like clean mysteries with quirky characters and villains you'll love to hate, you'll love Revenge!

That's it for now. Until next week...

Love and wanderlust,

Theresa L. Goodrich

Theresa L. Goodrich

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