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Guess what I wrote yesterday...


While I love the writing process, those two words are probably my favorite. There's this incredible feeling of accomplishment. There's also a feeling of completion, even though I know the work isn't done. For example, last night I spent a couple hours on the phone with one of my editors going through the middle chapters. I'll give the manuscript a day off, then review those last few chapters and send them off to my team.

If you've pre-ordered the e-book, it'll be in your hot little hands on March 22. The print copy will ship by early April. (It takes a couple weeks for me to get my proof copy before I can get author copies.) If you don't want an autographed copy, you'll get it even faster.

Order Revenge in the Rockies in e-book for $4.99*, or paperback for $12.99.

Do you need Peril on the Peninsula, too? You can get a "boxed set" here in e-book* and here in paperback.

Happy Reading!

Theresa L. Carter (Goodrich)

*You'll be able to get the e-book directly from me until March 21. On March 22, I'll be putting both Alex Paige books back into Kindle Unlimited, and they'll then have exclusive rights.

Ready for an excerpt?

Here's a continuation from Revenge in the Rockies:

“You’ll have to fill me in,” William said, as they walked through the lobby. "I drove straight here, so I haven’t had a chance to check email yet. And oh, look! A bar! Shall we?” He swerved towards the lounge before Alex could say anything.

“I’ve got time for one,” she said, consulting her watch. "I heard they have glorious bathtubs and I aim to take full advantage of mine while I’m here."

Since it was a Tuesday night, there was plenty of room at the U-shaped bar. A couple sat next to each other on one side, their foreheads nearly touching. Alex picked a corner seat on the other side and rolled her bag next to the railing at the base of the bar. William automatically sat around the corner so they could see each other while they talked, putting his backpack on the seat next to him. They browsed the cocktail menu and William selected a Gold Mine Martini while Alex ordered a Macallan 15, neat.

“Oooh. Going for the good stuff, I see.”

“I’m dressed for it. Seemed like the thing to do.” She dipped her fingers in her glass of water and sprinkled a few drops into her scotch, then took a sip. “Oh, that is so good.”

“Ahem,” William said, his glass poised in the air. Alex tapped her rocks glass to his coupe. “Cheers,” they said.

“I still can’t believe you’ve never met Emily," Alex said after taking her second sip of the smooth liquor. “As many times as you’ve come to Chicago, and we couldn’t make it happen.”

“I was always working and my editors had other ideas. I kept pitching a dinner at Elements. I told them it’s the perfect type of restaurant and my gorgeous photos would look really great in glossy.”

“And you probably said it exactly like that,” Alex said, shaking her head affectionately. “Well, after Emily wins this, your editors will be clamoring to include her in your next stories. In fact, they’ll be kicking themselves for previously ignoring your wisdom.”

“As they often do,” William said, touching his glass to hers with a ting.

“You promised,” the woman across from them shrieked, rearing back from her companion. “You bastard. You promised.” The man laughed and said something too quietly for them to hear. The woman threw her drink in the man’s face and stormed out. The bartender walked over to the man, handed him a glass of sparkling water and a white towel, placed a rocks glass filled to the rim in front of him, and walked away.

“Isn’t that?” William whispered, although his whispers were always so loud they could be heard several feet away.

Order Revenge in the Rockies in e-book for $4.99, or paperback for $12.99. (E-book will be automatically delivered on March 22. Paperback will be shipped at the beginning of April.)

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